Coco is a Limousin/Fresian and the calf of a dairy cow – removed from her mother and taken into care at just a few days old. She arrived to us at the age of 7 weeks old and unbeknown to us at the time, extremely ill. She was extremely lethargic and disinterested in water and food. As days went by and her symptoms progressed, we knew something wasn’t right. We had our vet check out and diagnose her with pneumonia. We treated her accordingly and nursed her back to good health, my husband carrying her to water and food for days. Thankfully she made a full recovery. We bottle fed her for months, with the helping hand of our small kids – River, 2 and Brooks, 1 . She became a beloved pet and was showered in cuddles and affection every day. Most days she would even walk up the back steps and into the house! She wasn’t ‘just a cow’, she was another member of the family. Eventually we noticed that she was becoming lonely, and seeing as we didn’t have room for another cow, we looked into other smaller companion options. About 24 hours later – our pet cow had her own pet goat. The two became the best of friends and this lasted for months, until Coco started jumping fences and ending up on roads in search of friends of her kind. It was clear that all she needed was the only thing we could not give her – other cows. It was then we made the difficult decision to find our beautiful girl a new forever home – keeping true to our vision of her living her days as a happy and healthy cow. It was there I found Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary. I got in contact with them and they were happy to welcome her to join their other cows. The stars aligned and from the moment she arrived I knew this was the place she would spend the rest of her days. I cannot thank Tracey, Mick and the team at peanuts enough for the work they do and for taking her in and providing a safe haven for her to live freely and we look forward to visiting her for years to come.

If you would like to help form baby calfs like CoCo please donate to Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary | Help us create a better future for children and animals and reference: Save A Calf. Thank You