How one man’s Black Saturday experience ended up helping Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary.
What you may already know is that our friends at Goodwill Wine donate 50% of their profits to us, and thanks to our supporter’s love for nice wines we have already raised $5,938.
What you may not know, is why they do this.. Profound experiences have a way of changing people’s lives, and the story of what happened to the founder of Goodwill Wine on Black Saturday is a wonderful example of how community goodwill can drive an individual to pay it forward.

This is my account of what happened to me on the 9th February 2009 ‘Black Saturday’.

For a year my partner and I had been renting a tiny cottage perched high above the township of Chum Creek. Located between Kinglake and Marysville it would end up facing the wrath of three different fire fronts sweeping through one after the other.

The house was located deep in the forest and the only way to get to it was a steep driveway made up of a series of tight switchbacks weaving through the trees. It was so isolated that it was completely off the grid and when I first saw it I was attracted to its privacy, but I remember thinking that no-one could survive a bushfire if one ever came through.