A lot of people still shop for cats and dogs and buy from breeders rather then look at adoption.  When people buy animals from breeders instead of adopting from animal shelters, they deny a needy animal a chance at a good home and full the pockets with money of people that use

People who breed dogs and cats’ profit at animals’ expense. For every cat or dog who is produced by any breeder, an animal awaiting adoption at an animal shelter loses their chance at finding a home and will be EUTHANIZED. As long as people support this profit-generating commodity, there will always be a struggle with the overpopulation crisis. April 2019, the Australian government declared war with homeless cats and wanted to kill two million free roaming cats. There is estimated to be between 2 and 6 million cats, homeless. Some areas of Australia have gone even further. In the northeastern state of Queensland, there’s even a council offering a $10 ($7) bounty per cat scalp.

Words from Ally and Simon that gave the best home to, not only long term resident Boots but also the lovely Maree.

After a weekend visit to Peanuts, we fell in love with the beautiful Boots and Maree and all the amazing, selfless work being undertaken by Tracey and Mick. Adopting our new fur babies has brought a lot of joy into our lives. So many pets are placed into shelters and its heartbreaking that not all manage to be re-homed. We strongly believe that adoption is always the best way when deciding on a new pet to help “save” the ones that may not be so lucky.
There is nothing more satisfying than to help give an animal a new loving home. Boots and Maree are both beautiful, loving cats and now we cannot imagine life without them.

ALWAYS ADOPT – its that easy.